Just a Little Rant…

Today, two significant things went wrong pertaining to our business and both were due to third party’s lack of competency. My initial reaction led me to an annoyance level of 11 (on a scale of 1 to 10) and my patience level to a -3 (on a scale of 1 to 10). As you can imagine, I am LESS than happy at the moment. What I wanted to do was write a Facebook status blasting my anger away, but I stopped myself. I Took a deep breath, opened a new tab, and decided to write on here instead. 

I’m not expecting to have some big holier than thou revelation, but I am hoping that writing here will do one of two things:

a. calm me down since my feelings are getting out of my system by way of putting it here (verses a Facebook status)

b. help me realize that I just need to walk away from the situation, do something else and deal with it when I am calm and can use my words more professionally

…and if I am having a real moment of composure, then it will do both of those things.

After writing the bit above, I took a break. I finished cooking dinner, ate dinner, gave  myself an in-home mini facial, and checked my Day Designer planner to see what else I wanted to accomplish today. All of these things helped shift my focus away from my frustration and onto myself and other matters that needed my attention.

I decided that for tonight, I would work on everything else except the two items that have brought on unnecessary stress and that perhaps for a change, I would get to bed by midnight. Doing this will help me decompress from the day I’ve had and ensure that tomorrow can be a better day with a bright and early wake up call!

With the snowstorm that is currently underway, this was the ideal course of action for the night.

So, without further ado, I thank you for reading my process to calm down from an otherwise upsetting situation and I bid you all a good night!



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