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March Books Recap

March was a month of struggling to find time to read and what I did end up reading were basically heavy reads. My March book count is five. Each month I will recap the books I've read and my quick review of them. Below is the straightforward rating system I use: ✰✰✰✰✰Loved it & had… Continue reading March Books Recap

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February Milestones: What Were They?

February, the shortest month of the year, and the stormiest month we have had in YEARS in New Jersey. It snows almost nonstop and feet upon feet! So, most of my regular physical activities were incredibly limited. And actually, the month started with a huge inner conflict. On February 1, I was all set to… Continue reading February Milestones: What Were They?


February Books Recap

February has been a crazy busy (in a good way) month of reading for me! Ironic considering its such a short month to begin with! Not only did I read a lot of books but I read a lot of GREAT books! My February book count is ten. Each month I will recap the books… Continue reading February Books Recap


January Books Recap

In 2020, I fell short of meeting my reading goal by just a handful of books - ironic considering the entire year was spent stationary in quarantine, lockdown, at home. My reading goal for 2021 is to read 52 books; I've met this goal before and hope to surpass it (fingers crossed), but I also… Continue reading January Books Recap

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January Milestones: What Were They?

When I try to reflect at the end of the year, I undoubtedly forget milestones that were hit in the past 12 months, especially if they were small. But often, it is not insignificant, small, simple milestones that lead to extraordinary impact. As a way to rectify that inevitable oversight, I have decided to keep… Continue reading January Milestones: What Were They?

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Post COVID-19 Hair Loss

I have been experiencing tremendous hair loss for the last two months or so. I mean clumps of hair have been coming off with each comb stroke and not to mention the hundreds that come off every time I run my hands through my hair. I've been aware but only recently became really concerned because… Continue reading Post COVID-19 Hair Loss

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Update and End of the COVID-19 Journey

If you read my previous post about my COVID-19 journey, then you will have noted that I wrote that post while I was still sick. It has been a month since that post and I thought I would write an update to how the rest of the recovery process has been. May 3 – 11:… Continue reading Update and End of the COVID-19 Journey

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I Tested Positive for COVID-19

On March 31, I decided to take a ten-day break from social media so I could give myself the time and space to reflect on how much life had changed in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Little did I know that those ten days would more than double and instead of me reflecting on the… Continue reading I Tested Positive for COVID-19

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How To Survive Quarantine

What a strange strange place we have come to as an ENTIRE world. EVERYONE is in Quarantine in some form or another across the globe. Think about that for a moment, EVERYONE, in the ENTIRE World is fighting ONE common enemy, Novel Coronavirus, Covid-19. This is unfathomable. Our enemy is not a person, a nation,… Continue reading How To Survive Quarantine