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Daily Recommendation: Watch a Sunrise

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February 29: Watch a Sunrise!

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It’s leap year and today is your extra day! I thought I would do a different kind of a daily recommendation – one that is not difficult to obtain and generally speaking should not cost you any money.

Sunrises are unique because although they happen every single day of our lives, irrespective of where we live in the world, no two sunsets are EVER the same. And if you think about it, its probably the most important thing that happens in the planet. If that sun never “rose” so to speak, it would be the beginning of the end of our civilization. Now that I have your attention, let’s move to the lighter note.

While more people run off to see sunsets, I think sunrises are of a more precious sighting. Why? Because far less people wake up to see them, which makes the connection between the individual and nature stronger; with less people around to distract you, you now have the moment to yourself to connect with your surrounding. You can see life transcend as we go from the night sky into the brightness of the morning. You can be grateful to have another chance at life. You can see the power of the sun and its impact on us. It’s calming, it’s humbling, it is pure magic. There’s a reason why yoga is traditionally done in the morning, it allows you to be at your most “zen.”

So, go ahead, wake up a little earlier than usual, grab your warmest articles of clothing (if your mornings are a bit nippy) and head out to see the sun rise over the horizon. I promise you, you will most definitely have a better day.

Good Morning Sunshine! 


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