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Daily Recommendation: American Automobile Association (AAA)

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May 9: American Automobile Association (AAA)

Today, my car broke down, for what is probably the umpteenth time. I did what I always do, called AAA. Being stranded with a car issue can be very overwhelming and unnerving, which is why having the peace of mind with a auto services, such as AAA is a life saver. You are not obligated to make any big decision on the spot, instead, just have the car towed (or tire replaced, gas filled) and take your time thinking through the next step. My car trouble today, was huge – the motor was making such a horrifying noise, it sounded like the insides of the car were tumbling in a dryer. I was 22+ miles from home and trying to resolve the issue on the spot was not an option. It was already close of business for most places, I didn’t know how much it would cost, where I would take it, so instead, I had the option of towing it home and didn’t have to pay a single additional penny out of pocket. 

I used to be a AAA Plus member for many years and eventually upgraded to AAA Premier member because of the sheer volume of times my car(s) would need to be towed. As a Premier member, I get the following for $123/year. 

  • Tow to responding AAA facility or site of choice up to 100 miles 
  • Free gas delivery and free gas 
  • Free tire change with spare 
  • Lockout for vehicle entry 
  • One tow up to 200 miles per membership year. 

In addition, you get tons of discounts on travel, car rentals, hotels, and participating retailers to name a few. 

Maybe it doesn’t seem like much, especially if you don’t have the horrible car luck that I do, but for me, it is worth every penny of the $123. The service is a hit or miss depending on who is the actual local tow company coming out to get you, but the AAA customer service has always been on par. 

So, if you’ve got bad luck with cars or would love to have a service that will give you a peace of mind if you’re ever stranded, consider joining AAA (or other similar service in your local area). Click here to compare plans and pricing. 

Happy Driving! 


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