Daily Recommendation: American Automobile Association (AAA)

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May 9: American Automobile Association (AAA)

Today, my car broke down, for what is probably the umpteenth time. I did what I always do, called AAA. Being stranded with a car issue can be very overwhelming and unnerving, which is why having the peace of mind with a auto services, such as AAA is a life saver. You are not obligated to make any big decision on the spot, instead, just have the car towed (or tire replaced, gas filled) and take your time thinking through the next step. My car trouble today, was huge – the motor was making such a horrifying noise, it sounded like the insides of the car were tumbling in a dryer. I was 22+ miles from home and trying to resolve the issue on the spot was not an option. It was already close of business for most places, I didn’t know how much it would cost, where I would take it, so instead, I had the option of towing it home and didn’t have to pay a single additional penny out of pocket.  Continue reading “Daily Recommendation: American Automobile Association (AAA)”


Daily Recommendation: AAA Travels for Tour Books and Maps

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April 22: AAA Travels for Tour Books and Maps


If you’re a AAA member, then you can get free tour books (online downloads and paper copies) as well as road maps of states, cities, regions from AAA for FREE! I’ve ordered quite a few books/maps for road trips and I really enjoy them. While the information tends to be pretty standard (places to see, eat, sleep), they are thorough and it really is nice to not have to pay for it. The maps are usually my favorite because who doesn’t love a good map while on the road?  Continue reading “Daily Recommendation: AAA Travels for Tour Books and Maps”