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Daily Recommendation: Find Your Alone Time Everyday!

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March 10: Find your alone time everyday! 

Being with nature is the best form of “me” time

While driving today, I tried to think of the last time I had some alone time in my life. Unsurprisingly, I couldn’t recall the memory of such, because the truth is, alone time is nonexistence in my life. I am seriously never alone, in any aspect of my life (other than when I am behind the wheel, sitting in traffic. The burden of this realization was so heavy that I made an executive decision for myself, if I am to keep my sanity, I am going to have a find a way to be alone, every single dayThough this is a lot easier said than done, I am convinced that if I don’t find 30-60 minutes each day for me, then my quality of life will continue to decrease and even worse, my health will continue to deteorirate. And if I can’t look out for my own well being, then I’ve got bigger issues than just trying to find alone time.

So I thought I would share my epiphany with all of you. We live in a society where we are constantly chasing time. Our responsibilities never seem to end and we act as though life has never been tougher. The reality is, everyone has always had it as difficult as we do. The variables may have been different, but the equation has always been the same. But above everything, we must take the time to accept that life will continue to move forward, whether we keep up with it or not, it will not stop for us. So, we need to stop. We need to be the ones to allow ourselves the freedom (each day) to breathe, relax and just BE

I hope in your busy lives, you will take the time out to take care of yourself, because without you, nothing else in your life exists. 

Happy Alone Time and remember, you DESERVE it!


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